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Meal Prepping During a Pandemic

As we all know we have had to adjust our lives in ways that were totally unexpected. With Covid-19 hitting the U.S rapidly since March, most people have been in a panic leading to additional stress and anxiety. When our norm is disrupted, it causes chaos in our everyday lives and sometimes causes us to eat more as well as unhealthy. Even though we are having to adapt to a new norm, it is important to stick to healthy habits to keep our bodies strong and healthy.

Sticking to a regular schedule and meal plan creates a sense of stability in nutrients and energy levels. By planning and prepping out your meals for the week, it saves you time, money, and gives you control of your health. With most people having reduced work days and working from home, this is the perfect opportunity to take charge of your health. Whether you start prepping on your own or choose to purchase prepped meals, don't let pandemic determine the future of your health! Take charge now!

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